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Four stories

Vaughn’s “Sweet Talk”

I am not sure what to make of this story. If I have to guess the it would be the plot. I would say that the story is about a confused woman who is making a decision about whether or not her husband is having an affair, and the affects this has on her life. If she decides to get a divorce what will this mean to her future relationships.

I paid attention to the start and end of the story and can only see an ambiguous connection between them. She uses the name Day at the beginning and at the end.

The only time I felt any emotional connection with this piece was at the end when she is frightened. She is afraid that if she turns around Sam will be gone.

I do find that the voice of the character is loud and clear.


Bergman’s “The Cow That Milked Herself”

I have mixed feelings about this story. I know it is Bergman’s intention to make a connection between Wood, the dog, and the baby, but I personally could not grasp that. I can’t put my finger on how, but I know something is missing.

I did notice that the sentences were very short, giving the story a trite or slightly panicky feel. But I feel this detracts from the story, adding to my confusion.


The Trip Back- Butler

“You must wait to understand why it is important”

This line is very interesting story. The fact that the story is speaking directly to the reader. This is important because it draws the person reading in. I like  how this, makes the reader feel more invested in the story. Butler does this three or four times as the story continues. I think this move really added to the story and it did not feel detracting at all.

It is Bad Luck to Die- McCracken

I read this story last year, and reading it again was a pleasure. I really love this story, the plot, the voice, and my most favorite line “I’m a love letter” this is the most touching, true statements. It encompasses everything into four words.  I love the relationship between Tiny and Louis, and the cameos by Babs and Louis mom.

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