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“Sometimes Sam and I loved each other more when we were angry.”

The opening lines of Vaughn’s story  “Sweet Talk” don’t strike me as something a newly married woman would say.  They seem juvenile and remind me of the unhealthy relationships I see between younger couples.  The narrator is clearly insecure in her relationship with Sammy: “For weeks I had been going through the trash trying to find out whether he had other women.”

What the narrator fails to tell the reader is the reason for her insecurities.  Has he had other lovers before? If so, then why is she married to him?  I wanted to know more about how it made her feel when she would find cigarettes and  women’s underwear in the bottom of the trash. She never tells us how they ended up together.

The relationship between Sammy and the narrator is not an ideal relationship.  They fight a lot and she even makes up a lover in her head to escape her relationship with Sammy.  I see the love between them, but I don’t think it’s enough to keep them together.  We do not get to see how it makes her feel when Sammy is distant from her or when she thinks he is cheating.

Instead of confronting Sammy about the panties, she makes up a lover of her own to make him jealous. Why doesn’t she just tell him how she feels? I don’t believe the narrator wants to lose Sammy, but I don’t think she knows how to keep him in her life either.    They both know they are bad for one another but they aren’t quite ready to lose each other.

I do believe the end brings them to a different point in their lives.  After their long travels, they still end up together.  He doesn’t leave her and maybethe worst is already behind them.

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