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This is a great example of how a story can achieve powerful emotional depth with a simple and uncomplicated plotline. The reader wasn’t pulled through any hoops to get to the meaning of this story, we didn’t need to piece together a complicated string of interactions  taking place in a variety of heavily detailed settings to find a connection to the characters.  Bregman gracefully presents a story of an apprehensive soon-to-be mother coming to terms with the fragility of life and her fears about her pregnancy  through her husband’s work as a veteranarian. I especially loved the moments of tenderness between the main character and the dog Cerulean- the soft toy she brngs her as a lovely detail.

Looking back however, I couldn’t find the sort of omnicient first or last lines that we’d been so keen to find in others we’ve read. It seemed more to me that the story simply spresented itself in a very straightforeward manner, though there was some frameing in how it began and ended with Wood teaching her something. I did, however, really like the sense of resolve that came in the last line: “I would do that too, I said. I promise.” No matter how frightening the fragility of her baby was becoming in her eyes, it wouldn’t be the source of some sort of post-partem depression, but rather a fuel for her to further devote herself to its protection.

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