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Overall, Vaughn’s story, “We’re on TV in the Universe” struck me as mildly humorous and slightly unconventional. I personally like her decision to use the chicken as a motif throughout the story, resonating with the decisions of other authors as well, such as Bergman’s “Birds of a Lesser Paradise,” both authors contributing to the universal concept that we, as humans, are compelled by the emotional implications nature can bring rise to. However, the way she structured her syntax often felt less natural and more contrived. For example, when the narrator said, “Officer Cook had embraced me with his pronoun,” I felt less compelled by the act. I’ve never heard anybody directly comment on the use of a pronoun to express appreciation so I felt as though the sentence was unnecessary. I personally felt that the sentence, “It was then that I knew I loved Officer Cook,” should have followed the scene where he and the narrator met as opposed to the established sentence concerning the pronoun he used. I love the concept that news reporters have a constant desire to get up close and personal to the tragedies that ensue, sometimes leading to the development of a bigger story. The narrator, after seeing herself on TV, brings us back to her confession of loving Officer Cook. Up until this point, her admiration for him slipped somewhere beneath the small details she continued to focus her energy on, such as the emotions she felt concerning the accident, her friend the Veterinarian who was awaiting his chicken, the juggler who, although benevolent, couldn’t be trusted wholly to drive. I like that she brought us back to her love for Officer Cook after being reminded of their initial encounter; it seems natural–real, but I did find many areas where the choppiness of her syntax brought forth confusion.

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