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Bergman’s story, “Yesterday’s Whales”, took me through an emotional roller coaster.  The narrator, Lauren, struggles to ‘practice what she preaches’.  Once she discovers she is pregnant, she no longer believes in the end of human existence.  Having a child is something that is natural to women.  It isn’t natural to be miserable and await the end of the universe. She realizes that a child is something that would make her happy, and to Malachi, this is selfish of her.

“Self-righteous people always have it coming, that when you profess to understand the universe, the universe conspires against you.”

In Bergman’s first paragraph, Malachi and Lauren are these self-righteous people.  They bring awareness to the coming of the end of the world and preach to people that it is wrong to bring children into the world.  Malachi believes so much in the end of human existence, which is ironic because he was capable of producing a child with Lauren.  Unlike Malachi, Lauren understands that her pregnancy is the universes way of telling her not to give up on life.  She should be happy and be able to give a child the same love she was given by her mother and grandmother.

“today’s whales sing lower songs, and no one knows why”

I believe Malachi represent ‘yesterday’s whales’ and Lauren symbolizes ‘today’s whales’.  The ‘yesterday’s whales’ sang louder songs to be recognized and heard, but ‘today’s whales’ sing lower just for themselves.  Malachi feels that ending human existence is his calling.  Lauren was never as passionate about it and now that she is with child, she just wants to do what is right for herself and the child, and to finally live her life without fear.  She wants to be the mother whale that’s purpose is to give her child life and air.

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