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Bergman’s story “Another Story She Won’t Believe” was different than most stories about addiction and regret.  I enjoyed it because it showed a side of humanity that I think a lot of people are unwilling to admit to: the side that doesn’t try to change for a good cause.  The narrator is an alcoholic who has lost her family (and most likely her job) because of her addiction, and even though she recognizes this it doesn’t stop her.

Even though she continues her behavior, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t regret what it has done to her life.  She feels guilty and weak for being unable to control herself.  I found this story relatable because I’ve definitely been in a position where I knew I was doing the wrong thing, but I couldn’t control myself and I justified my actions in my head (and still do) by recognizing that it is wrong and just flat out refusing to change.

It is obvious that her problems are spiraling when she steals a lemur from her own work.   This really makes me feel bad for her, because she allows herself to basically self-destruct because she believes that is all she is capable of doing.  The complexity of her feelings is painful to see and relatable.

Her relationship with her daughter is also extremely complex because it is obvious that she feels strongly about Leslie.  She explains that she sees herself as unworthy to be her mother. She wants to help Leslie make a better life for herself, and when Leslie doesn’t reach her full potential it is heartbreaking for her because Leslie was one of the things she felt was right in her life.

There isn’t a better word to describe this story besides sad because this woman feels like a complete failure and her story is reiterating that, but I still want to hope for a better life for her.  Her relationship with her daughter is so well displayed because her actions and her thoughts differ and it explains how many facets there are to that relationship. Her understanding of herself is what makes this story so moving, because it is the hard cold truth.

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