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One of the things that made “The Cow That Milked Herself” a successful story was its ability to almost immediately establish for the reader a close connection with the narrator.  On the first page alone so many things are presented.  Wood is introduced; you find out that the narrator is pregnant; you find out Wood’s busy work schedule; and you get a sense that his job interferes with their relationship.  Already, she manages to hint at how she is lonely and how there is some tension in their relationship because he is unable to be there for her all the time, while also showing how close the two of them are and that he is trying.  This presents that the narrator has a story and hints at why she wants to share it immediately.

Her struggle with recognizing herself as a pregnant woman emerges on the third page of the story.  Her comparison of the fetus to a cocker spaniel was specifically well done because it showed how she had already developed compassion for the life growing in her belly. She said, “Loving, warm on your lap.” This is comforting, and it shows that she cares for her unborn child.  Also, she openly states the worries she has for her pregnancy and her abilities to be a good mother, and it is good to see the internal struggles that she has. To me this shows the importance of this story being written in first person. The internal thoughts she has really make this story, because she doesn’t always put into words with others how she feels about the child that is going to come.  Without the reader having access to her thoughts, all of these worries and exciting moments would be unseen, and it would be harder to grow close to her as a character.

The end was what really made me like this story.  Her protective attitude towards her child made the story end on a hopeful note, showing that even though she couldn’t predict potential problems, she would try to protect her child the best that she could.  This was never specifically stated, but her thoughts really showed how she came to this conclusion within herself, and it felt like the story ended with her ready to have a child.

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