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I found this story to be very compelling. The main character seems to have several complex emotions that swirl around her throughout the story. She is suffering from guilt. This guilt, I believe, is the reason she wants a baby. She is at a point in her life when she sees her mortality as a middle-aged woman.

Each person of the garden reflects something of the main character. First the girl, Sam, whom she hopes will take over the garden, is the reflection of youth and fertility. Tiny, a much older woman, is a reflection of the future as a dried up lonely old woman. Neil Diamond is the reflection of her guilt about leaving Zydo, because Neil Diamond is said to have a daughter he hopes to see again, but will have nothing to do with him. The main Character believes this is how Zydo should be toward her because she made a bad choice by leaving him on that raft. Phil Collins with the mustache is the only character whom I cannot place.

As a reader I do not think I would have felt as strongly about this character had she not added the element of leaving Zydo on the raft. I think this is because an animal that is symbolic of innocents can resonate with many people. I am still working out what the meaning of the garden might be. It can be both symbolic of fertility, based on the character’s need for a baby. It can also be just a simple background or scene to use to house all the characters.

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