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In “The Bar of our Recent Unhappiness”, the narrator struggles not only with loss, but with the continued suffering of loss each and every day of his life.  He cannot grieve and move on from the loss of his partner, Barbara.  Instead, he has to visit a woman who is worlds different from the woman he fell in love with.  What this does to him, is prolong his ability to be happy.  We see the internal struggle the narrator goes through, and it is portrayed throughout other characters in the story such as George.  George and the narrator will not speak of the loss of their loved ones who are still breathing the earthly air, instead they pledge to have a drink and forget about the daily hell they live through.  The craft of the story comes in when we can only relate to the character by how he tells us how he feels. I felt that if he hadn’t of said “I hated going there,” to the brain facility, I still would have known he hated it.  Who would like to see their loved one struggle with identity and lie in a bed for one, not two?  Instead, he explicitly tells me that he hates going there, which intensifies the feeling of pity and sorrow I have for the narrator.  When reading, I felt that it was almost like reading a diary, a personal book laced with scripted feelings and heartfelt sorrows not meant for my eyes to lay upon.  Throughout the piece, we a readers can sympathize with the narrator’s thoughts and feelings because most all of us at this point in our lives have experienced loss, and can understand the feeling of guilt and emptiness that accompanies it.  What if I hadn’t let her walk into the street that morning? What if I had driven her?  These are two thoughts that I can see the narrator saying, which proves I have connected with him and care enough about the writing to relate to him in this way.  This story embellishes what it means to love someone to the point that even when they are not your “someone” anymore, you are still there, adjusting to be their new “someone” to get them through.

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