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In “Love,” the narrator transforms from a powerful man into a desperate fool who has an ending that is satisfying, but not necessarily happy. Butler’s descriptions and details fully capture the fall from grace. Short stature is generally not a characteristic of a powerful man, but the narrator “could bring the fire from heaven” even though he was shorter than most Vietnamese men. But his move from Vietnam to America drained his supposed power.

However, one must wonder if he really had much power to begin with. He went through great lengths in Vietnam to keep his wife’s wandering eye in check. This also raises the question of  why his beautiful wife is still with a self-depreciating wimpy man in the first place.When they moved to America, he thought he had the upper hand because his wife didn’t like the way American men looked. But of course she found a Vietnamese man.

So the narrator was faced with the question of how much his wife’s loyalty means to him. It was difficult to tell whether he was saving his pride or if he desperately loved his wife that much. Whatever the reason, he sought help from a voodoo doctor. Making himself look ridiculous and ending up hospitalized is worth his wife’s loyalty and guilt.

So to teach us about his narrator, Butler completely breaks him down and shows us his vulnerability. This story made me realize how much you have to test and push your characters to reveal who they are, as the trials of real life often reveal a person’s true character.

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