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“Love” Butler



“Love” was the title of Butler’s story.  This was ironic, because the Vietnamese man in the story didn’t scare his wife’s pursuers away, because he loved her.  He did it to control her.  He was so insecure of himself, he needed to keep this beautiful wife by his side in order for him to feel like he was something.  He referred to Napoleon many times throughout the story.  His wife began to symbolize a piece of land that he would fight anyone for and never give up.

I was once able to bring fire from heaven”

In Vietnam, he had the power to get rid of men who wanted his wife.  Even though he was such a tiny man, he was capable of hurting people.  In America, he no longer had these powers.  I find it ironic that it was the Vietnamese men he had to worry about and not the Americans.  It was his own people trying to take his wife.  She was his only great possession and he couldn’t bare the thought of losing that.

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