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Vaughn’s story “Other Woman” was extremely frustrating to me.  In the beginning it felt like a story about a complex relationship between two people. It was much more than that.  The complex relationship extended between four people in this story, and it was interesting to see the different dynamics of the relationships presented.

First, the most obvious is the relationship between Angelina and Harvey.  They are in a relationship, but it is brought up in the very beginning of the story that there are problems.  The narrator says, “And Who am I? A single woman and not getting any younger: I can settle for a compromise.”  She admits from the beginning that she is settling for Harvey.  The draw that she has towards him becomes weaker as the story goes on, and what makes Angelina and Harvey’s relationship different is the fact that she is able to get out of it in the end.

Second, there is the relationship between Harvey and Susu.  They were married, and the tension between ex’s shows, along with the unfinished sexual tension. The fact that Susu has such a pull over Harvey still is interesting, and it creates a very complicated love triangle.

The relationship between Angelina and Susu is the most fascinating because it does such a good job of balancing between hatred and compassion.  Even though they are constantly tearing at each other’s throats, Angelina does acknowledge qualities in Susu that she likes. She says, “SuSu laughs as we sit down at the table, That is one good thing about her; she can usually take a joke.”  When it is discovered that Harvey is sleeping with Susu at the end, there is a mutual understanding between the two women. They can relate to each other in a way that nobody else understands.

Lila and Angelina are also interesting. Lila seems to be the comic relief, keeping Angelina sane throughout her relationship with Harvey. Their ability to maintain their friendship after Angelina finds that Harvey is sleeping with Lila as well is fascinating, because it shows a side that seems to be conflicted when one is in a position like that.

All of these relationships are important, but Angelina’s discovery of herself is what really makes the story. She stops allowing herself to be taken advantage of by Harvey.

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