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This story had me captivated. I enjoyed the directness of the 1st person speaker and how the voice drew me, the reader, into the story.

There were many elements to this piece that I had not noticed before in Butler’s work. The first is how the story transitioned from a 1st person narrative to a 3rd person narrative. This transition was effective because it felt as if I was the person in the seat next to the man telling the story. It invited me in, and I felt compelled to listen.

The use of the 3rd person was great because it allowed me to see details that the 1st person narrator could not provide, such as the imagery around the Major, and the way it took me out of the Major’s head and allowed the reader to see his surrounding environment.

What Butler did also that I felt was great is that he was able to help me feel the emotional scariness of this story in both 3rd and 1st person. As a reader one could question whether or not this story was a real story being told.

Wow, what a crazy and scary story. I of course loved it. Another thing about this story being a mixture of first and third persons is how the end and the beginning were easily transitioned between the two different persons. It was seamless.

The one part of the story that puzzled me a bit — and I can only guess at its meaning — is the ghost. She appears in white (Symbolic of good, and spirit.) She is beautiful, but deadly. She is helpful at a price. I can only guess the meaning behind this is the actual moral of the story. All help comes at a price, sometimes its cost is a life.  When I say life I am also referring to the normal life which the character would have been lived had he not had the encounter with the ghost.

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