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Bergman’s “Night Hunting”  was a story about life and death.  It explores the relationship between a mother and her young.  Bergman forces the reader to feel a sadness towards the way the food chain works.  Even though the coyotes were something to be feared, you felt bad for them because they are only trying to survive.

I pictured the coyote bitch rolled on her side, her pups curling against her body, taking the last of her warmth.  She would give it to them: she would give them everything.”

That was my favorite image in Bergman’s story.  It shows how much a mother would do for her young.  It humanizes the coyote and makes you feel bad for her, rather than fear it. She wasn’t a monster, she was doing what she had to do for her pups to survive.

She pulled me against her body, as she had done when I was a child, and held me there, in the cave of her chest, in the place of everything that was missing.”

Bergman relates the mother of Hannah to the dying coyote.  Her mother doesn’t have much life left in her, but she lay with her child and gave her warmth just as the coyote did for her pups.

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