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“Preparation” is about a woman’s jealousy over the beauty of her friend. A simple enough reason, yet Butler richly describes the deep- seeded emotions of the main character through the mirror of death. I think this story is cleverly written. Instead of it being sad, because her friend dies, it’s really about a woman who has been holding on to jealousy and the love of her best’s friend’s husband. I like how Butler uses the motif of  hair. The main character’s thinking process was cleverly used through the scope of vanity. An example of this is how she believed it was her skills as a makeup artist that made the man she loved fall in love with her best friend.

Butler uses something a little different in this story then the rest of his stories. This has a much more sensual spin. I feel the focus was primarily the breasts, and it came as a slight shock that her friend discovers that one of her friend’s breasts had been removed. I find it interesting because the main character is consentingly looking at her friend’s body. It is like she is attracted to her friend. She seems to know a lot of details of her friend’s appearance and especially the breasts.

I loved the roller coaster of emotions. I was half expecting the main character to ruin the make-up job on her friend. There were so much deep emotions that had not been dealt with. It kept me guessing on how this story would resolve. I was not expecting the end’s twist, but I liked it. It gave the story closure.

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