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The story “The Two-Thousand-Dollar Sock” was a story that really focused on loss and on finding happiness when things become different from what one originally expects.  One aspect of this story that I really liked was the focus on physical descriptions, specifically bodies.  The narrator’s husband is a wrestler, and she spends a significant portion of the story talking about his body.  She also spends part of the story focusing on her body and how it is no longer what it used to be.  Her realization that she is getting old scares her.  Even though she doesn’t specifically say that, you can tell that the idea of aging scares her. Part of the reason why has to do with the fact that she hasn’t achieved what she thought she would have achieved in the stage of life that she is in.

Another important focus of this story is the idea of sacrifice.  In order to save Vito, they would have to sacrifice two thousand dollars for surgery.  They don’t end up making this decision, even though the narrator seriously considers it for a long time.  This shows the importance of pets to families.  Last winter, my cat got really sick. In order to figure out what was wrong with him, my mom had to take him to the vet multiple times. The bill, after all of the vet visits ended up being about seven hundred dollars. My mother called me before I came home for Christmas to tell me that I wouldn’t be getting any gifts this winter. I told her, “Tonks is enough of a Christmas gift for me, it wouldn’t be the same without him.” I never regretted that decision, and I spent Christmas with my mother and my cat, completely content.  That ended up being the last Christmas he spent with us, and I am so incredibly grateful for it.  This story reminded me of that incident.

In the end of the story, Vito sacrifices himself for the family by running outside to protect them from a bear.  The narrator explains that what stopped her was the fact that she had to prioritize her husband and her daughter above the dog. She was willing to sacrifice the dog for her family.

Another focus of the story was the parent/child relationship.  I loved her descriptions about motherhood because they were perfect.  Children are never perfect, but a mother goes through moments of being annoyed and exhausted and then moments of intense love.  This internal struggle was shown in the story, and I think that it really represented what motherhood is about.

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