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Megan Mayhew Bergman’s “The Artificial Heart” is quite different from the other stories in Bergman’s collection commonly do. Instead of using a contemporary setting, this story is set in the future and focuses on apocalyptic events that a woman is witnessing as she also watches her father deteriorate. This focus on the relationship between the […]

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The Battle of Fallen Timbers

Stephanie Vaughn’s “The Battle of Fallen Timbers” paints death in an interestingly humorous light. The awkward voice of the narrator acts as a parallel to the universally, often uncomfortable concept that sometimes human beings have trouble accepting and adapting to morbid news, our reactions deeming more unconventional than expected. The narrator in this story, for […]

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“Night Hunting”

Megan Bergman’s “Night Hunting” features a young woman trying to cope with her mother’s terminal cancer, similarly resonating with the melancholic tone the narrator often possesses in each of Bergman’s short stories featured in the Birds of a Lesser Paradise collection. This story, however, failed to keep my attention as efficiently as her other pieces, […]

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